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The Presentation

Anna watched as couple after couple stopped at the front of the altar and laid down their sacrifice. It was nearing the end of another day, but Anna could feel the Spirit working inside her. She watched closely, anticipating the new King. Who would it be? She watched a few more couples lay their sacrifice upon the altar and moving away, clearing the way for another couple and their child. She looked closer. This one was different. They had no sacrifice with them. She stood with excitement as a flash of understanding came to her. They weren’t empty-handed after all. They had brought the greatest gift: their baby. She rushed to them. Their child was to be the new King. He was to be the sacrifice.

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Immerse yourself in the lives of Jesus, Mary and the Apostles. Be with Mary when she gives her fiat, travel with her to see Elizabeth and join the shepherds as they follow the chorus of angels to the Messiah in the manger. Go fishing with Peter and follow him as Christ invites him to be a fisher of men. Celebrate the wedding feast of Canaa and go with the Apostles as they proclaim the kingdom.

Stand on the mountainside when Jesus's full glory is revealed, and be there at the Last Supper and Christ's passion, death and resurrection. Finally, live with the early Church as she grows in the face of persecution.

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