Sports is a substitute for war, in a way, which is much better for the world than the real thing. Back when I wasn't so creaky, I played sports all the time. In high school I played football, where you get to hit other people and play in front of large crowds. In college I rowed on the crew team, where you inflict all the pain on yourself, and you do it in obscurity.

Thursday, 13 November 2014 12:31

I Had a Dream

Yesterday, a friend had shared a video of a ridiculous crew race, something so chaotic I couldn’t help but cry while leaving my lungs almost totally devoid of air. ‘How could people screw something up that bad?’ I thought.

I was still chuckling about it last night while I was cleaning the kitchen. When I was done, I had a sudden flash of insight and microwaved a Nestle crunch bar over some granola cereal with peanut butter and scarfed it down. Normally I don’t eat after dinner, and last night I was reminded again why. Those who know me know that I have incredibly vivid, realistic dreams every night (probably everyone does), and for some reason I always remember them in the morning, down to the smallest detail. This is what followed:

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